Drainage inspections

Underground CCTV cameras will be used to gain images and assess the condition of a large number of stormwater pipes across Greater Geelong, Victoria, in the coming months.

The City manages more than 1900 km of drains across the municipality.

Crews have begun inspecting about 2000 pipe segments over 50 km of the drainage network, as part of an annual inspection program of City-owned drainage assets.

The inspections started in February and are expected to take up to four months to complete.

The data gained from the program will enable the City to make informed decisions regarding investment and renewal works.

Located within roads, reserves and easements, the stormwater drainage system is made up of pipes, pits, channels, flood retarding basins and litter traps.

Mayor, Stephanie Asher, said, “The inspections program is a vital tool in maintaining our extensive drainage network.

“It will help us identify areas for improvement and provide detailed information to support decisions surrounding resources and funding.

“The inspections are part of our commitment to maintain safe and reliable infrastructure assets, which remain available now and into the future.

Parks, Gardens and City Services Councillor, Anthony Aitken, said, “I am sure members of our community over 50 are familiar with the annual inspections their human pipes require.

Well, the City’s stormwater pipes are no different. Council has annual inspections to understand the health of our pipe system across the region.

“We’re committed to ensuring our infrastructure is in
tip-top shape.”