After school grooving inspiring music-makers

Article image - After school grooving inspiring music-makers Rohan guides Laryssa in how to use the Groovebox

City of Mount Gambier, South Australia, has a new after school program allowing young people to create their own music using newly acquired technology called ‘Groovebox Novation Circuits’. 

The program is a joint initiative between Mount Gambier Library and local community radio station, 104.9 Lime FM.

The Novation Circuit is a standalone Groovebox sequencer with built in drum, bass and synth sounds, suitable for beginners or more experienced musicians. Aimed at youths aged 12 to 15 years, participants are expected to see some creative results as their skills increase each week.

Library Youth Services Coordinator, Terasa Nearmy, said, “Mount Gambier Library is really excited to launch this new program for youth. I enjoy working with young people and I am passionate about seeing them develop new skills in positive ways.

“I believe Groovebox will attract young people who are looking to challenge their musical minds and find purpose through creating their own music using the Novation Circuit devices.”

The newly acquired cutting edge music makers have been sponsored by Friends of the Library with tutorial expertise being led by Lime FM Station Manager, Rohan Battersby, who is donating his time to run the program.

“I believe these little music-making machines will be beneficial for our wider community and delivering the program at Mount Gambier Library is a logical next step.

“I want everyone in our community to experience the joy, fun and accessibility of music and Novation Circuits help do that - they’re fun, they flow and they’re flexible.”