You can make a smart park out of a stormwater drain

Article image - You can make a smart park out of a stormwater drain Artist impression of Wharf Street Basin Next Generation Park.

City of Canning, Western Australia, will turn a storm water drain into a smart park thanks to $1.09 million funding from the Australian Government Smart Cities and Suburbs Program.

A further $200,000 from Water Corporation and $30,000 from Department of Water, Environment and Regulation will assist the transformation.

The City has awarded Environmental Industries the contract for construction of Wharf Street Basin Next Generation Park in Cannington.

While still operating as a functional storm basin, the Next Generation Park will have an informal, interactive education space, free WiFi, native plants and trees, solar power to provide power to the park and charge devices, public art and a bridge and boardwalk.

Mayor, Patrick Hall, said the new park would be a green space for people to relax in, a habitat for wildlife, a place to watch birds and an education space to learn more about water.

“The City will also use technology in the park to provide important data for things like maintenance of bins and park lighting, timing irrigation to when the park trees need watering and stormwater information.

“The smarts in the park will help us be better informed and plan for the future.

“This fabulous project illustrates what can be achieved from innovative thinking and a willingness to preserve and enhance our natural environment. 

“The Next Generation Park will blend nature with technology and also complement the work already done nearby in Stage 1 of the City of Canning’s City Centre Project. 

“I see the Next Generation Park project as a pilot for the City of Canning. 

“At a time when public open space is so important to us all, it is time to seize upon similar opportunities and to reimagine the way in which we utilise the many stormwater basins right across the City.”

Construction is due to start in February 2020 and Wharf Street Basin Next Generation Park is expected to be ready for community use in June 2020.