Developing our people

Article image - Developing our people Staff undertaking in-house training: Ryan Morley (Waste Services), Sam Baron (Occupational Safety & Health Advisor), Lisa Atkins (Learning & Development Assistant), Cliff McKinley (Human Resources Manager) and Sandra Morton (Learning & Development Coordinator).

More employees than ever at City of Cockburn, Western Australia, are accessing inspirational workplace leadership training once reserved for supervisors attending traditional 1-2 day training courses.

Leadership Learning Modules is the City’s unique approach to providing continual development opportunities to its 1000 plus employees.

Human Resources Manager, Cliff McKinley, said employees were gaining an increased knowledge of Cockburn’s inclusive workplace culture, while reducing time spent away from the core work functions they were passionate about.

The 2-3 hour in-house modules catch employees at the awareness-raising stage of learning, giving an insight into the City’s models, frameworks, and processes and their associated consistent languages.

And employees are coming away from their training with increased knowledge via a more enjoyable training experience.

Learning & Development Coordinator, Sandra Morton, said, “We’ve found the short module approach makes it easier for participants to focus and be engaged for the whole session.

“This really improves their learning experience and maximises skill retention.”

The sessions cover a wide range of common leadership skills such as Building High Performance Teams, Delivering Presentations, Difficult Conversations, Bullying and Harassment, Diversity and Inclusion, Investigations - Focusing on the Right Things and Time Management.

They are supplemented by specialised modules facilitated by external experts on topics as diverse as Keeping Sane® In A Busy Workplace, Fatigue Management, Intro to Mindfulness and Intro to Emotional Intelligence.

Mr McKinley said the City still provided opportunities to attend longer 2-5 days training programs where necessary although the program’s success had resulted in less requests for longer, more expensive training.

“In such a large and diverse organisation, our module approach to learning has significantly improved the lack of consistency in how people issues are addressed.

“It’s led to an even better engaged and trusting culture.”