The Australian landscape conference 2020*

Article image - The Australian landscape conference 2020*

March 27-30, 2020

Since it began in 2002, the biennial Australian Landscape Conference has operated at the cutting edge of international landscape and garden design.

No other conference worldwide has consistently presented such a genuinely global digest of contemporary work and thought.

The conference has consistently striven to seek out the most interesting work in every continent and culture, taking the audience out of what may be described as the ‘comfort zone’ of gardens made in the Anglo-sphere.

This year is no exception. With speakers from Asia, America, Europe and Australia, the themes being pursued reflect the dilemma of landscape design in the 21st century: how to create landscapes and gardens which are functional and beautiful, but which also cultivate a meaningful and harmonious relationship with the wider ecology.

Of special interest this year are the claims that modern industrial agriculture and horticulture often seriously degrade farms and landscapes and that Australia’s thin soils are especially vulnerable. Current research suggests radical solutions.  

The reality of city living is also broached, and with those numbers set to increase as the century wears on, parks and other forms of green space take on even more importance as the size and density of our cities increases. Landscape designers and city planners have a key role to play in this development.

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*Copy supplied by Australian Lanscape Conference