Road asset and erosion control solution post fire with PolyCom Stabilising Aid*

Article image - Road asset and erosion control solution post fire with PolyCom Stabilising Aid*

Huge efforts have already been focused by state, federal, and local government, as well as private entities, on stopping the fires and reducing damage to assets with attention now turning to repairing and returning function to assets and community.

With local and state government agencies stretched to the maximum on rebuilding and recovering community assets from recent and ongoing fires, erosion is probably one of the most common concerns after a bushfire.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is a proven solution used to stabilise soils where slopes are exposed and vegetation has been lost. PolyCom helps reduce the effects of wind and water erosion. PolyCom treated soil can withstand scouring and eliminate erosion caused by water and wind. Maintaining water quality in dams and catchments.
Using our custom built 12 Volt dry spreader, spread the PolyCom over the target area at our recommended application rate for erosion control. No heavy vehicles or bulky liquid tankers required. Coverage of difficult terrain is possible using a quad bike or any 4wd vehicle.

The spreader is attached via a bracket to the tow bar in around two minutes without the need for tools (no vehicle modification required). PolyCom can even be spread by hand for very difficult terrain if required.

One 2kg pack will treat 2000 square metres for erosion control purposes.

Benefits of PolyCom in erosion control:

  • Reduced soil erosion
  • Ease of application and transportation
  • Cost effective
  • Environment and OHS compliant
  • Australian Made and
  • produced and
  • Double Award Winning
  • Innovation.  

Road rehabilitation and re-shaping for improved performance is also a large part of PolyCom Stabilising Aid’s versatility known to councils and shires around Australia. This is even more so with fire recovery activity being carried out at a frantic pace in difficult circumstances.

We have PolyCom Stabilising Aid distributors Australia wide standing by so please get in touch with a distributor in your state to order now. Let’s help repair our road networks quickly and efficiently to aid the recovery of assets for all Australians.

More information on our website or please call 1800 790 907

*Copy supplied by Earthco