Precious coastline funding

Article image - Precious coastline funding Mayor Kay Rasheed pictured at the Wyomi Beach Rock Seawall.

Kingston District Council is one of fifteen coastal councils to share more than $1 million in Round One of the Regional Coast Protection Fund to help repair, restore and sustain South Australian’s 5000 km of regional coastline.

The funding is being provided by the State Government, with the Coast Protection Board for practical on-ground coastal projects which will deliver environmental and economic benefits.

Mayor, Kay Rasheed, said, “Council’s allocation is particularly pleasing, comprising 13 percent of the total funds available for two of our vital coastal protection projects.”

Council has been offered $105,000 for continuing the Wyomi Beach Protection project and $27,500 to develop a Coastal Adaptation Strategy.

The Wyomi Beach project will see the installation of geotextile sand bags to the northern and southern section of the rock seawall that was completed in 2018.

This will result in 140m of additional coastal protection, adding to the 180m installed in April last year.

The Coastal Adaptation Strategy will deliver a holistic and strategic approach to the ongoing management of the coastline and associated infrastructure.

“Council has faced significant coastal challenges over the last few years, particularly in relation to erosion, as well as unprecedented sand and seagrass movement.

“More recent storm induced coastal erosion has seen an extended area of coastline affected, with identified risks to infrastructure, assets and public safety.

“Council has implemented risk management strategies in the interim but acknowledges a strategic and forward planning approach is required to effectively manage these risks and priorities.”

Chief Executive Officer, Nat Traeger, welcomed the funding, saying, “Our beaches are the heartbeat of our community, offering a massive drawcard for visitors who flock here to enjoy the calm and safe waters of Lacepede Bay.

“With our coastline offering the first defence against a
changing climate, it is imperative that Council takes a proactive approach in understanding and mitigating, where possible, risks of erosion, flooding and sand dune drift, which are being exacerbated by rising sea levels.”