Old Goulburn Bridge works progress

Article image - Old Goulburn Bridge works progress The Goulburn River will soon re-open as restoration of the heritage listed Old Goulburn Bridge nears completion.

Protection works on the historic heritage listed Old Goulburn Bridge, Seymour, Victoria, are well underway.

Mitchell Shire Council officers and contractors have regularly attended the site over the past few months while concrete blocks were installed on either side of the river to provide anchors for the cable tensioning system that will brace the bridge.

The concrete anchor blocks were given three weeks to set before cable tensioning works could begin. It is anticipated that the works will continue over the next few weeks.

Works still to come will include installation of a steel cable bracing system, removal of damaged timber decking and steel support beams, and water proofing of exposed top facing timber surfaces to prevent further deterioration.

Once works are completed, Council anticipates that the existing river closure can be lifted, and the Goulburn River can be re-opened for the community. This will be assessed by Maritime Safety Victoria.

Restrictions are currently in effect within 50 metres of the bridge both upstream and downstream.

The works have been funded and developed in partnership with Heritage Victoria and Regional Development Victoria.

Mayor, Bill Chisholm, said, “It is great to see works underway on the Old Goulburn Bridge.

“The preservation of this iconic structure is important to the Seymour community and to Council.

“The Goulburn River and its surroundings are regularly enjoyed by locals and visitors to Seymour and ensuring the stability, preservation and safety of this heritage listed bridge is a priority for us.”