Making the move to go plastic-free

Article image - Making the move to go plastic-free Victoria Park bans single-use plastic from next year.

The Town of Victoria Park, Western Australia, has banned single-use plastics and polystyrene at council buildings, council-run events, and all market stalls held on council land to lead a plastic-free Vic Park movement.

In response to a Council resolution in February, a Single-Use Plastic and Polystyrene Policy and associated Project Plan received endorsement in August.

There is a three month grace period to phase out the use of products, with the ban coming into effect on 31 December 2019.

The Town is supporting businesses and residents that wish to make changes with education materials that suggest alternative products that can be used.

Mayor, Trevor Vaughan, said, “Single-use plastics can have a significant impact on our environment.”

“By removing these products from council buildings and events, we hope to lead the way and encourage others in our community to use alternative, more environmentally friendly and sustainable products which will reduce the impact of plastics in the environment.”

The ban does not apply to events within the Town that are not council-run, or to traders that do not require a permit from the Town under a Local Law, and activities operating under current lease agreements from the Town.

To assist the community in the transition away from single-use plastic and polystyrene, the Town has developed an overarching
guidance document.