Donation supports young patients

Article image - Donation supports young patients North West Hospital and Health Service Chairman Paul Woodhouse and Mayor Joyce McCulloch with the donation for the Mount Isa Hospitalís new Hospitality Cart.

Mount Isa City Council, Queensland, and the Showman’s Guild of Australasia have ensured the new Hospitality Cart at Mount Isa Hospital’s Children’s Ward will continue to provide fun for young patients and comfort for their parents for many months to come.

Since the inclusion of the Showman’s Guild of Australasia at the Isa Street Festival in 2018, Council has waived site fees for the Guild.
In lieu, the Guild has chosen to issue a cheque to Council, which Council donates to charity.

On 26 September, a cheque for $3400 was presented to Ronald McDonald House Charities at the Mount Isa Hospital, which will be spent on stocking the Hospitality Cart.

Mayor, Joyce McCulloch, said the Hospitality Cart, the first of its kind in Australian hospitals, was a great concept providing very welcome and practical support for the region’s sick children and their families.

“The cart offers a variety of books, toys and craft activities to help alleviate boredom during sometimes very long hospital stays, as well as toiletries and comfort items for their parents as they accompany their children while they’re in hospital, and even healthy snacks.

“I thank the Showman’s Guild of Australasia for their very generous donation towards an extremely worthy cause.

“This Hospitality Cart is an invaluable addition to the Children’s Ward’s operations and Council is proud to be supporting such a wonderful local initiative.”

North West Hospital and Health Service Board Chairman, Paul Woodhouse, said, “Mount Isa Hospital is grateful to receive generous donations on a regular basis from Council and is always appreciative of any extra funding for the Children’s Ward.

“The cart has only been in use for a matter of weeks, but we know it’s been very popular with patients and parents alike.

“Some of our paediatric patients in Mount Isa face long hospital stays, with conditions like rheumatic heart disease, and often they’re from remote communities such as Doomadgee and Mornington Island, so they’re away from family and friends as well.

“This cart is a pilot project and the first of its kind in Australia. Ronald McDonald House Charities selected Mount Isa Hospital for the project as part of their commitment to help close the gap through their cultural inclusiveness program.”