Commercial waste diverted

Article image - Commercial waste diverted Recycling and composting commercial waste is helping the Gold Coast reduce waste to landfill.

Closing the loop on waste is a priority for the City of Gold Coast, Queensland, and the past year has seen the implementation of initiatives designed to manage resources to create a sustainable future.

With a large portion of the City’s waste being produced by construction and maintenance, one of the new initiatives reuses these materials in land development, composting and repurposing of materials such as crushed concrete and rock for commercial purpose.

Mayor, Tom Tate, said, “Council is proud to support initiatives that create a sustainable and liveable city.

“A single program has resulted in 105,000 tonnes of construction and demolition material being diverted from landfill in the last year.”

The City is also closing the loop by recovering material from landfill, such as gravel pavement and glass, to reuse in the construction of green waste pads at the Coomera and Merrimac Waste and Recycling Centres.

The administration waste generated across the City is being reduced, reused and recycled through initiatives like recycling CD’s and DVD’s and donating withdrawn books to non-profit organisations.

“It’s not just packaging and paper that creates waste, food waste is one of the biggest contributors to landfill.

“This year we started a food waste recycling service that collects the food waste and discarded paper towels from our Waterside offices and cafes.”  

This is transformed into compost that is used by Parks and Recreational Services to keep city parks healthy and is one of the many examples of how reduce, reuse and recycle has come to life on
the Gold Coast.