Collaborating across countries

Article image - Collaborating across countries Mayor Wendy Waller with winners of the Minecraft competition engaging residents in planning the city around their airport.

Liverpool City Council, New South Wales, will share knowledge on sustainable communities with a town in Sweden through the medium of Minecraft.

Landvetter Södra Utveckling AB has been set up to establish a sustainable community around Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg, Sweden and, like Liverpool, is using the 3D video game, Minecraft, which allows players to build 3D virtual worlds, as a way to get young people involved in the planning process.

Liverpool Mayor, Wendy Waller, said there were parallels between Landvetter Airport and Western Sydney International Airport.

“In both cases we have the chance to plan the area around the airports from the ground up.

“For the past two years we have held Minecraft competitions to encourage primary school students to turn their young minds to Western Sydney International Airport and the Aerotropolis, giving them a glimpse of the bright future they will share in our region.

“I’m delighted that Council is partnering with a like-minded organisation that values community engagement so highly, but our connection will go deeper than that.

“We will share the results of research and investigations on subjects like integration with the natural environment, high-quality public transport and excellence in place-making.”

Härryda municipality has established Landvetter Södra Utveckling AB to partner with the private sector in developing about 650 hectares of land owned by the municipality close to Landvetter Airport.

Australian Ambassador to Sweden, Finland and Latvia, Bernard Philip said the partnership could inspire others to form international

“This partnership is a great example of how local governments with a shared vision can work collaboratively and virtually to develop innovative city spaces.”

Chairman of the Härryda Municipality executive committee Peter Vorberg said collaborating across countries will help both municipalities build innovative cities for the future.

“Partnering with Liverpool City Council, which is facing the same challenges, is a strategic decision, placing the project on a global level.”