Better service online

Article image - Better service online Online pet registrations is one way Boroondara Council is putting the customer at the centre of everything.

Expectations were high in May 2019 when Boroondara Council, Victoria, launched its new online pet registration form.

Designed for and tested with customers, the integrated form held a promise of quick and easy registration for pet owners.

The new form sees 87 percent of pet registrations processed immediately, a process that previously took about 2-3 weeks.

Now, the moment a customer submits the online form with payment, their cat or dog is registered.

For these customers, Boroondara has reduced the contact points from between three and five to just one.

On the business side, internal processes have been streamlined, meaning no more ‘back and forth’ between business units. Also, the number of teams involved has been reduced from six to three.

Non value added activities such as manual data entry, handling of hardcopy documents and having to follow up on missing information or payments has been greatly reduced.

Clearly the new approach is much more customer friendly making their experience seamless, convenient and empowering.

Enabling customers to interact with council services whenever and wherever they need to is a key contributor to that goal.