Water carting underway

Article image - Water carting underway Potable water is being delivered to the residents in Euchareena who have previously relied on rain for drinking.

Dubbo Regional Council, New South Wales, has commenced water carting operations to the village of Euchareena to provide potable water for its residents.

Dubbo Regional Council’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael McMahon said he was happy to be able to facilitate this service for the community.

Council staff have been in conversation for many months with the residents of Euchareena.

Historically the village has relied solely on the use of rain water tanks and a non-potable water supply managed by a privately run progress association.

The unrelenting effects of the region’s worsening drought has significantly affected the local community’s access to available water.

“There has been challenges in meeting the needs of the Euchareena community but I am pleased Council secured funding to allow for this water carting to our residents.

“Residents within the village of Euchareena have been notified via a letter from Council outlining the availability of the water carting program. It’s a simple form process detailing how many people in the house, etc.”

The first truck load delivered on Friday was for 13,500 litres provided free of charge directly to the family’s water tank.

This initiative by Dubbo Regional Council is in conjunction with the New South Wales Government Emergency Relief of Regional Town Water Supplies Funding.