New name same message

Article image - New name same message Mildura Rural City Council.

Mildura Rural City Council, Victoria, has reiterated its commitment to stop family violence in the region by rebranding the annual White Ribbon Walk in a bid to ensure the event continues.

The move follows last month’s announcement that White Ribbon Australia has gone into liquidation.

Council indicated on the day of the announcement that despite the news, its focus on raising awareness about family violence and helping to prevent it was unchanged - and that the annual community walk would continue.

As a result, this year’s event will be known as Walk Against Family Violence.

General Manager Development, Mandy Whelan, has led Council’s push to raise awareness and address family violence for more than half a decade through programs to educate and support Council staff, which has had a flow on effect to the community.

She said it was important to acknowledge the significant role White Ribbon Australia has played in this initiative.

“The increased awareness in our organisation and the community, and the training and knowledge gained through our association with White Ribbon, has been invaluable.

“It’s provided the foundation for our organisation to understand and take action on this important issue and raise community awareness along the way, which we will continue, albeit under a different banner.

“Ultimately, the main purpose of our Walk Against Family Violence is to raise awareness about this very important issue, and holding a community walk through our central business district is a very visual and effective way of doing this.

“It helps to remind our community that family violence unfortunately continues to occur in our region on a daily basis, and that there is a need to change residents’ thinking about gender equality and other key factors associated with preventing family violence.

“And thanks to the generous support of the many community and support organisations that take part in our walk, it’s also a great opportunity for the community to learn more about the support services available in our region.”