Tasmanian mayors seek industry training hub

Councils from the Murchison region have urged the Federal Government for a priority roll out of the proposed industry training hub in Burnie.

The Mayors of West Coast, Circular Head, Waratah-Wynyard and Burnie City Councils have welcomed the advocacy of the Tasmanian Liberals for the early roll out of the Industry Training Hub, which was announced for Burnie at the last federal election.

The Mayors have written to Minister Michaelia Cash requesting that Burnie be one of the first Training Hubs to be rolled out.

West Coast Council Mayor Phil Vickers said the Industry Training Hub would encourage young people to consider Vocational Education and Training (VET) as an important pathway to a career.

“Many of the future job opportunities on the West Coast in mining, renewable energy and tourism will require VET qualifications, so any opportunities to promote pathways to these opportunities are welcome.”

Circular Head Council Mayor Daryl Quilliam said his council area would also benefit from the Training Hub.

“We are very aware that young people in rural and remote areas can often miss the opportunity for VET due to not having access to qualified trainers. With a focus on reducing obstacles to enable young people to access VET in our region, we hope that this is an issue that can be addressed by the Industry Training Hub.”

Waratah-Wynyard Council Mayor Robby Walsh said that the Industry Training Hub would support a number of new educational initiatives being rolled out across the Murchison region.

“The Hellyer Regional Collective is already providing new opportunities for young people in our region. The Industry Training Hub should provide more resources and expand the opportunities for VET pathways across Hellyer College and its partner High Schools.”

Burnie City Council Mayor Steve Kons said that the Industry Training Hub needed to be rolled out in the Burnie region as a matter of priority.

“Many of the industry sectors in our region which require VET qualifications are growing, or are projected to grow, in the coming years. We also have a number of other educational initiatives currently being rolled out. It is important that the Industry Training Hub be rolled out urgently to make the most of the opportunities presented to our region.”