Network supports staff to drive change

Article image - Network supports staff to drive change The Practice Leaders Network involves more than 100 staff.

Glen Eira City Council, Victoria, recently launched the Practice Leaders Network, a program that aims to deliver organisational change via cultivating staff capabilities.

With the objective of facilitating transformation, Glen Eira is aiming to install the knowledge and skills required to successfully deliver change through this innovative and experiential capability uplift approach.

The program brings together seven practice streams focused on: Change Agility; Innovation and Creativity; Business Intelligence; Customer Experience; Lean Practices; Community Engagement; and Project Management.

Learning and Development Advisor Evan Perkins said with more than 100 staff participating, the program is giving officers the chance to practise and learn new skills linked to transformation via a structured and supported approach.

“This is a high impact opportunity for staff to comfortably learn and grow and it’s delivered through workshops, practical activity, project work, peer coaching and access to subject matter experts,” Perkins said.

Developed collaboratively by Council’s Innovation and Continuous Improvement team and the People and Culture team, the program also introduces methodology from external thought leaders like Inventium, fosters the capabilities outlined in Council’s new Core Capability Framework and tackles real life opportunities that enhance the organisation and improve the services provided to the community.

“With the first iteration of the network closing in April 2020, the program will deliver Council a cohort of staff that has not only increased capabilities, but also contributed to the successful implementation of transformation activity and will be equipped to role model and coach new ways of working to other staff and teams,” Perkins said.