Local youth look ahead

Article image - Local youth look ahead Cr John Burley, farewells Swoopin’ Season members before they leave for the Unleash the Future MMXIX NSW Youth Council Conference.

Kyogle Council, New South Wales, and Kyogle Together Inc. supported three young members of Council’s youth advisory group Swoopin’ Season to attend the Unleash the Future MMXIX NSW Youth Council Conference in Blacktown last month.

Deputy Mayor, Councillor John Burley, said Council was proud to support young people from the Kyogle local government area to
attend the conference.

“The conference will feature a range of engaging speakers, interactive skills-based workshops and unique social events.

“The Blacktown Youth Advisory Committee together with Blacktown City Council is hosting the conference and it is a fantastic opportunity for our delegates to network with like-minded young leaders from across the state to connect, share, unpack and develop innovative solutions to current issues and unlock their capacity as future leaders in their communities.”

Swoopin’ Season has replaced Kyogle Council’s more formal Youth Advisory Committee and is auspiced by Kyogle Together Inc.

It allows young people from the Kyogle area to gather in a supportive, less formal space (virtual and physical) to discuss issues and follow-up matters important to them.

The group also provides advice to Council on youth-related matters.
The three young people attending the Blacktown conference, Mikaela, Kimberley and Mahalia, said they were looking forward to experience.

Mikaela said, “I’m really excited that Swoopin’ Season is providing this type of opportunity to young people from Kyogle.

“I’m eager to hear what other young people are doing in their towns and to share our story. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring back a fresh set of ideas that can be applied here.”

Kimberley said, “I reckon it will be a fun experience.”

Mahalia said, “We haven’t ever flown before so even getting there and back will be exciting. I’m so keen to see what it looks like flying in and out.”