Library tales and tails

Article image - Library tales and tails Young readers have the chance to practice reading aloud to their furry friends with a new literacy program introduced at the Palmerston Library.

A new and unique program to the City of Palmerston, Northern Territory, Library has tails wagging and children reading.

Tales to Tails is a confidence building program aimed at children aged 8-14, who have literacy challenges or are uncomfortable reading aloud. The program gives children the opportunity to practice their reading to a trained therapy dog, building their confidence and helping elevate their literacy skills.

Mayor, Athina Pascoe-Bell, said, “The dogs make great non-judgmental reading partners for children and the Library provides a safe space for them to practice their reading.”

The program has been used in other states across Australia with great success, this is the first time it has been offered in a Northern Territory Library. The sessions, which started in early August, received an overwhelming amount of interest and have now booked out and library staff are looking to put on additional sessions
Library Assistant Manager, Renee Van Der Poel, “The children enjoy it, the dogs enjoy it and it helps improve reading and literacy skills, it’s a win-win-win situation.”

Good Dog Social Worker, Hannah Taino-Spick, “The program not only helps the children, but it is also good for the dogs, it exposes them to another spectrum of people and teaches them how to behave properly around children.”