Transport vehicle upgrade

Article image - Transport vehicle upgrade Mayor Kay Rasheed and Red Cross Volunteers were excited to take the new Red Cross Transport Vehicle for a spin.

For over 15 years, the Kingston District Council, South Australia, has provided a vehicle to the Australian Red Cross for use as
a Community Passenger Transport Vehicle.

Community support networks and services are valued highly by Council, which funds the vehicle maintenance as well as housing the vehicle at its works depot.

The transport vehicle, which has just been upgraded to a Hyundai Tuscon Active X, is used to transport eligible residents of the community who are socially isolated, disabled, transport or financially disadvantaged, to out of town medical and specialist appointments, local social activities and events.

The service is door to door and provides residents with a degree of independence, allowing them to remain part of the community.
Coordinated by the Red Cross Passenger Transport Network in Mount Gambier, the service is supported by local Red Cross volunteers, who drive the vehicle.

The service continues to be well supported and appreciated by users and volunteers.

Mayor, Kay Rasheed, said, “Last financial year, the vehicle provided by Council chauffeured members of the Kingston community to 213 medical appointments, travelling a total of 37,901km”.

Mayor Rasheed encouraged members of the community to consider volunteering to be a driver for the Red Cross Transport service.