RegenAqua’s Global best practice tertiary wastewater treatment solution*

RegenAquaTM’s tertiary wastewater treatment system achieves global best practice discharge standards utilising natural locally-sourced macroalgae.

The bioremediation system can treat nitrogen and phosphorus to water quality levels below 5mg/L & 1mg/L respectively from wastewater streams.

Rather than the costly conventional capital and energy-intensive approaches, the system takes advantage of photosynthesis via biological processes to complete the wastewater treatment cycle.

Further enhancing its cutting edge bioremediation proposition is the circular economy developed by RegenAquaTM’s service offering with an innovative resource recycling approach with the macroalgae generated from treatment facilities.

The biomass is processed to strict guidelines and directed to various plant and animal nutrition markets.

In the Plant Nutrition example the various products return carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus to soil to effectively close the loop on resource re-use.

The system can be tailored to meet any periodic load reductions or ongoing wastewater discharge concentration targets.

Operational efficiencies of RegenAquaTM’s system are significantly less than conventional wastewater treatment, with energy needs in the order of one magnitude less than conventional systems.

With such low energy requirements RegenAquaTM’s solution also provides an ongoing carbon-sequestration solution for those pursuing a reduction in their carbon footprint.

The RegenAqua™ system is bolted onto existing infrastructure, combining complementary solutions that can expand in modular format as client needs increase.

The bioremediation service proposition provides customers contractual flexibility, with no upfront capital expenditure requirement, flexible ownership possibilities and contract timeframes.

For organisations looking to transition and expand their ageing infrastructure to a sustainable low-cost option, RegenAquaTM is an attractive, flexible solution.

Pairing the delivery of innovative technical solutions with client-friendly commercial solutions will see this Australian-generated technology adopted in municipalities around the country.

To find out more about RegenAquaTM‘s solution visit or contact Gregg Supple on 1300 457 941 for a no-obligation assessment on your operation.

*Copy supplied by Pacific Bio