Ratepayers confirm road improvements in many areas*

PolyCom Stabilising Aid distributors around Australia are reporting many phone calls from the public congratulating us on their satisfaction where unsealed roads are being treated with PolyCom.

We get comments like the ones below regularly after road treatment with Polycom:

“This is the best our road has been for years!”

“Our road is not so slippery anymore, when it rains now it doesn’t go soft and boggy.”

“Less dust than before the road was treated, much better than the stuff they used to use.”

“I drove on a PolyCom treated road on the way to town, how can I get the road I live on treated?”

“The council won’t seal our road; can we get them to use PolyCom?”

These comments are coming from unsealed rural road communities where information on PolyCom treatment is known.

There are many more sealed roads being constructed or repaired where road users are unaware that PolyCom has been used to repair failed sections or on shoulder repair and widening.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is generating less ratepayer complaints on all road types around Australia as well as lowering construction and maintenance costs.

Visit roadmaker.com.au for more information or call 1800 790 907.

*Copy supplied by Earthco