Mayor leads in a dance for rain

Article image - Mayor leads in a dance for rain Tenterfield’s rain dance triggered 0.4mm of rain the following day according to the Bureau of Meteorology, but not nearly enough to break the drought.

The idea of Matt Richardson from Tenterfield’s Potting Shed, this light hearted community event took off through Facebook following Matt’s own ‘rain dance’ which went viral through social media.

With the assistance of Rotary Club volunteers, Matt and his team provided a free barbecue breakfast, which went down a treat with the locals following the energetic moves which they hoped would bring a good downfall.

“I don’t do Facebook”, said Mayor Petty, “but Matt’s idea just took off and I’m up for anything to make it rain at the moment.

“It was great to see the number of people who turned up to support Matt’s initiative and on behalf of Council, I wish to thank Matt and his team.

“Our community spirit and resilience continues to blow me away.”
The event piggybacked on the arrival the previous day, of a desalination unit provided free of charge to Council by Rural Aid Australia.

The unit has been connected directly to the Shirley Park bore outlet, with the treated water then flowing straight into the water filtration system without loss from evaporation and delivering an additional 70,000 litres of potable water each day to Tenterfield town.