Managing solar lighting assets make it simple*

What if there was a simple way to eliminate the need for councils to manually monitor and manage lighting assets?

We now have the technology to make it simple, combining sustainable solar lighting systems and centralised asset management software.

Councils in Victoria have begun installing solar lighting that can be monitored and controlled through the centralised asset management system Solar Activity Monitoring (SAM) developed by Green Frog Systems.

A recent lighting project in Lakes Entrance, Victoria, required a solution that would provide the council with a simple way to monitor the reliability of their solar lights, such as whether each light is operating as it should, and solar energy generation and battery consumption.

The SAM system can also be centrally controlled via the web, allowing the council to operate each light when needed, for example turning off all lighting during New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Together with a simple way to manage their lighting assets, the council required a lighting solution that could withstand difficult coastal foreshore conditions, where mains power was unfeasible and damaging to the environment.

The SAM system joins seamlessly with the ASPIRE solar street light, also designed by Green Frog Systems.

The ASPIRE unit brings the latest in efficient solar lighting technology, while meeting architectural design principles. Even on the coastal boardwalk in Lakes Entrance, the solar lights are not a distraction from the stunning natural environment.

It is important for councils to adopt better ways to utilise resources more efficiently by centrally monitoring and managing their lighting assets, as well as considering the environmental impact of these assets within their community.

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*Copy supplied by Green Frog Systems