Geospatial enterprise portal

Article image - Geospatial enterprise portal City of Bayswater’s award winning CitySpatial Portal.

Recognised in June as a National iAwards Finalist for the Most Effective Government Solution at the 28th WAITTA (Western Australia Information Technology and Telecommunications Alliance) Incite Awards, the City of Bayswater’s Geospatial Enterprise Portal (City Maps Gallery) has revolutionised the way the City delivers services, exchanges information and communicates with the community.

The City’s corporate spatial environment has been designed in house around the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)  ArcGIS Enterprise architecture and has two components – a core internal business function (CitySpatial portal) and an external facing community function (City Maps Gallery).

The technology is managed by the Asset and Mapping Services team, who are responsible for spatial systems app design, development and integration, infrastructure asset management systems, land and property management data, and real time global positioning systems management.

In the first initiative of its kind in Western Australia, the City Maps Gallery uses apps to access a variety of City thematic maps that include relevant state agency geospatial data feeds via the WA Government open data platforms.

Large volumes of data are seamlessly integrated from City and State agencies and are quickly accessible in the form of accurate, relevant and easy to navigate visual apps.

The internal CitySpatial portal component integrates with the City’s business systems spatially and has real time feeds to relevant WA Data portal datasets. In terms of asset management, staff can access thematic apps from the CitySpatial portal to manage road, footpath, buildings, drainage, and park assets.

The apps provide dynamic dashboard information relating to the assets sustainability.

The asset apps integrate directly with the asset registers and state agency data.

Mobile auditing apps have also been built to capture and maintain existing assets.

The City will be representing WA at the National iAwards in Melbourne later this year, cementing their reputation as an industry leader in the spatial environment.