Cultural Development Plan launched

Article image - Cultural Development Plan launched City of Perth is building a cultural identity.

Following a robust community and stakeholder engagement process, the City of Perth’s first Cultural Development Plan launched 31 July.

The Plan formalised much of the cultural work the City has already undertaken and highlighted five priority areas, including short, medium and long term actions.

Chair Commissioner, Eric Lumsden, said, “There are countless benefits to building on Perth’s cultural identity and the City has taken a lead role to deliver a wide range of evidence-based cultural development activities.

“While operational plans and budgets determine the City’s activities year to year, the Cultural Development Plan sets the tone for our cultural identity and outlines steps that will bring us closer to the community’s vision for Perth as a vibrant, connected and progressive city.”

Informed by the goals of the Strategic Community Plan and developed with an external group of cultural industry experts, the plan includes clear actions and outcomes across a range of areas that influence Perth’s cultural wellbeing.

The City’s overarching commitment is to deliver a range of cultural development outcomes for the community, such as aesthetic enrichment, diversity of cultural expression and connection to
a shared cultural heritage.

The Arts, Culture and Heritage pages on the City’s webpage contain the Cultural Development Plan in full.