Canning’s digital transformation begins

Article image - Canning’s digital transformation begins City of Canning Mayor, Paul Ng, trials the virtual reality equipment that will be piloted as part of the City’s Digital Strategy.

A plan for the digital transformation of City of Canning, Western Australia, has been endorsed by Council, paving the way for a range of exciting and innovative projects that will shape the City’s digital and technological future.

The Digital Strategy 2019-2023 sets out a ‘smart city vision’ which aims to improve the liveability and sustainability of the Canning community through digital innovation, enablement and transformation to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits for ratepayers and residents.

Some of the projects outlined in the Strategy are already underway, like the high profile Wharf Street Basin Project which will transform an inaccessible water retention basin into a Next Generation Community Park.

The City is also in the process of installing free public Wi-Fi at select outdoor locations, beginning with Sill Park in Bentley.

The OneBooking Project is focused on developing a one-stop-shop for booking of places, spaces and courses across the City. The first phase of this has already been launched, with an online portal now available for the purchase of gym memberships.

Over the course of 2019-2020 the Connect Canning team will also pilot the use of virtual reality to allow City staff to visualise buildings and infrastructure in 3D.

This cutting edge technology will improve the level of understanding of design concepts, leading to better decision making.

Mayor, Paul Ng, said the endorsement of the Digital Strategy signalled an exciting period of transformation and growth for the City.

“This is a very exciting time of digital transformation for the City.

“The projects and initiatives we are implementing now and into the future will ensure we continue to provide a high level of service to our residents and ratepayers and will work to build a better quality of life for the community overall.”