Using solar power to enhance your community*

Smart Solar Lighting provides councils with a future-proof, sustainable option to improve public safety and utilisation of public assets - and Green Frog Systems is here to help you do exactly that.

Renewable energy solutions such as solar lighting can create future-proof sustainable systems for your community, allowing councils to provide public lighting assets that are stand-alone, have no reliance on mains power, avoid the costs of trenching, underground cabling or an electrician, and can save both on long-term energy costs and protect our environment.

Public lighting assets have a significant impact on your community’s feelings of safety and security, which in turn drives an increase in the use of public assets such as leisure areas, parks, gardens and pathways.

By ultimately extending the number of light hours in a day, members of the community can spend more time in your public spaces; creating opportunities for more outdoor activities such as fitness groups, after work visits to dog parks, or for those commuting via bike or foot during the night hours.

Green Frog Systems smart solar lighting solutions deliver the same public lighting benefits as mains powered lighting, but with reduced light pollution, significant cost benefits and the elimination of grid supply charges once installed.

Our solar lighting systems utilise the highest quality LED luminaires, intelligent control systems, and are covered by ISO 9001 Quality Management.

Green Frog Systems solar lighting is designed in Australia for our country’s harshest conditions and can be easily installed by your council’s own works crew.

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*Copy supplied by Green Frog Systems