Residents feedback gets results

Article image - Residents feedback gets results The voice of Whyalla residents has been heard resulting in a change of plans and attractive new beach shelters and shades.

Whyalla City Council, South Australia, has completed maintenance on the foreshore beach shades and access canopies after community feedback resulted in a positive change of plans.

After local contractors started work on rejuvenating the foreshore features, Council received constructive feedback on the metal-roofed access canopies while they were away in the workshop.

Residents advised Council they liked the fact the metal-roofed structures were gone because it opened up the foreshore vista. While the structures are a necessary part of the access ramps, Council took on board the vista aspect feedback and changed the roof structure.

Council Project Manager Landscape, Sam Bourne, said the metal sheets have now been replaced by more weather-durable pine beam slats that allow more light into the area while also provided a degree of shade throughout the day.

“It was fantastic to get so much positive feedback on this project and it was a great call by the community on the metal sheets.

“When we took them down we found they were starting to rust anyway.

“The vision from the community to open up the vista was a good one and inspired us to consider alternatives.

“The pine slats have allowed us to keep the structures in place but have opened up the foreshore aspect nicely with a good looking and more durable structure that will require less maintenance.”

The support structures of the access canopies has also been cleaned, primed and painted with marine grade paint to ensure they last even longer. The first stage of the project involved rejuvenating the steel supports on the shade cloth structures while replacing safety hitches, straps and shade cloth where required.

“This work is vital to ensure these structures remain sound and continue to look good for the next ten years.”