Learning English with stories and songs

Article image - Learning English with stories and songs Librarian Samantha Hay reading to local toddlers and carers at Kwinana Public Library.

The Kwinana Public Library, Western Australia, has introduced a special program that helps families to learn and practice English in a fun environment.

Mayor, Carol Adams, said that the Learning English Through Storytime (LETS) program is a fun and interactive way of teaching children from families who do not speak English as a first language.

“We have many children in Kwinana who are not speaking English at home but will be expected to speak English when they commence their schooling at age four.

“This puts a lot of pressure on children and parents to learn English, which can be both stressful and difficult, depending on work commitments and resources available to the family.”

The LETS program is free and includes songs, rhymes, stories and activities. Carers take part in the sessions, which are designed for children aged three to five.

“Each session has a different theme and builds on the previous session, exploring colour, days of the week, numbers and other basic concepts,” Mayor Adams said.

“Importantly, the LETS program helps adults to develop the skills they need to continue teaching their children English at home.
The program runs for ten weeks during term time and families who finish a course are encouraged to continue attending regular Storytime sessions at the library.