Is your weed killer safe enough to drink?*

Article image - Is your weed killer safe enough to drink?* Safe to use around schools and playgrounds Satusteam© is chemical free.

Weedtechnics, inventors of the Satusteam© weed killing (SW) machines aren’t shy about showing you they can drink from the ‘spray tank’.

Managing Director, Jeremy Winer, said, “We use water, so it’s perfectly safe to drink.

“I wanted to feel good about weeding. I stopped using chemicals and developed a system that delivers our unique Satusteam© at low pressure and thermally shocks the plant with 98-100C, large droplets of boiling water delivered at close proximity.

“There is great satisfaction in destroying on contact and to be able cover large areas efficiently.

“The patented process of superheating water, flashing it into saturated steam and boiling water, then depressurising it to deliver the Satusteam© at low pressure gives the most effective thermal kill of any machine in the market. “It requires no foam additives because of the lethal temperature that the system delivers.”

Council sustainability and safety officers are including steam weeding in their policies and Satusteam© is the most cost effective.

Thirty-five councils, across Australia are using Satusteam© machines, particularly in ‘sensitive’ situations; for playgrounds, outside pre-schools and schools and in town centres where people and chemicals shouldn’t mix.

There is also a growing number of Land Care groups and indigenous rangers utilising the Satusteam© method to move away from volunteers being exposed to chemicals and for the soil health and regeneration benefits.

“Councils in suburban Melbourne have embraced our effective technology.

“Local Melbourne company Weedsteamers has grown their contracting work, successfully controlling weeds for Bayside, City of Yarra and at least 10 other Melbourne councils.”

Andy Morgan of Weedsteamers, sais, “We tried various organic methods like pelargonic acid, pine oils and mechanical weeding but the machines from Weedtechnics were far more practical and efficient. We have been receiving lots of positive feedback from the public.”

Weedtechnics provides customised machine packages to suit each customer’s needs.

There is a range of boiler sizes from the small versatile plug-in SW500E up to the SW900, designed to run all day, keeping a team on the move with one or  two auto-rewind reels. Skids, trailers, remote rewind reels, solar panels, water tanks and tool boxes are all options available to compliment the Satusteam© machine and the way the client wants to operate.

Jeremy said that he’d like everyone to feel good about killing weeds, pointing out that it’s only steam; there’s no spray drift; no residual toxins; results are instant and visible; it’s 3 times faster than hand weeding; and most importantly, it’s safe to use near people and pets.
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*Copy supplied by Weedtechnics