Inaugural Agsafe Stewardship awards

Article image - Inaugural Agsafe Stewardship awards Mackay Regional Council staff Jason Grandcourt and Peter Westwood are pictured accepting the award with Regional Consultant, Colin Hoey.

The inaugural Agsafe Stewardship Conference and Awards held in Brisbane was dubbed a great success with over 40 national finalists across six categories.

The Outstanding drumMUSTER Regional Council Award: Council Collection Facility of the Year, was won by the Mackay Regional Council for its local drumMUSTER service.

Other finalists in the category were the City of Greater Bendigo, Victoria, and Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority, South Australia.
Since the first collection in February 2000 Mackay Regional Council had collected over 204,000 containers.

A major factor in their success was their vast network of sites and the ability for growers and chemical users to deliver drums without fuss. The success of the program stemmed from 2013 when the set day receival system was changed and greater flexibility proved to be the catalyst for improved results. Drum numbers and program users doubled when the new approach was implemented.

Each year since, over 17,000 drums have been recycled.
The judges acknowledged Mackay Regional Council’s proactive support of local growers, ensuring the program’s success across a significant geographical footprint.

Council’s support for the program adds to their aim of having a region that embodies the target of Healthy Rivers to Reef systems.