Herbicide Free Australia the only alternative*

Foamstream is the new way to kill weeds safely and effectively and allows organisations to adopt a glyphosate free environment.

Foamstream kills weeds through the use of hot water and an organic foaming material that creates a ‘thermal blanket’ which holds the temperature in the killing zone for longer allowing the heat to penetrate through to the roots. It also kills off the seeds and spores due to this effective maintaining of heat.

Foamstream is used world-wide from Buckingham Palace to Niagara Falls and is popular in countries that have already banned the use of glyphosate.

Herbicide Free Australia has been out and about demonstrating Foamstream to many councils already across New South Wales including Central Coast, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Sydney’s Lane Cove, Lake Macquarie and Lismore. Foamstream has been enthusiastically received on all levels.

The most attractive aspects are the lack of chemical handling, minimal training time, and no safety plans are required. It is completely safe to be used during all weather in and around members of the public and waterways.

Foamstream allows staff to multitask by weeding, cleaning and sanitising in one hit therefore increasing overall productivity. Foamstream is a cost effective alternative as weed control is reduced to 3-4 times per year.

There is a lot of pressure on Local Government to deal with the risk management issues of using glyphosate. Many councils are proactively seeking alternatives of which there are few available.

Foamstream can’t help with what has happened in the past but can ensure the safety of the workforce and the community into the future due to its zero environmental impact.

Foamstream will be available for demonstration in Sydney and Adelaide during September/October, please call Garry for further details 0414 242 562

*Copy supplied by Herbicide Free Australia