Health campaign brings rewards

Article image - Health campaign brings rewards Classic Aussie beer labels adapted to deliver a new message.

After giving up the grog with the help of City of Wodonga’s campaign Who’s it gonna hurt?, local man Michael Rose started to live again.

The campaign followed the journey of Mr Rose, a father of three, who reduced his alcohol intake over a series of months under the guidance of a medical professional. His story was the subject of a documentary launched in November last year.

With partners VicHealth and Dutch Media, the campaign aimed to tackle risky drinking among local workers.

Mr Rose said before the campaign he would drink up to 12 stubbies a night and more on the weekends. He decided to reduce his drinking for his health and his family.

“I had problems with my liver and I was overweight.

“I needed to make a change. I wanted to get back to being me. The dad who was out with kids kicking the footy and getting more involved with my own footy.

“It was the best decision I ever made.”

Who’s it gonna hurt? took inspiration from classic Aussie beer and alcohol brands, using the distinctive labels of drink cans and bottles to deliver simple but powerful messages illustrating the negative impact of drinking on local workers.

City of Wodonga Chief Executive Officer, Mark Dixon, said the campaign was voiced by men in the community who shared they found alcohol hurt their bank balance, their performance at work and their families.

“This innovative campaign was a great way of bringing the issues to the key audience of male workers between 35 and 55 years and to challenge their thinking and their behaviour.”

Who’s it gonna hurt? was recognised with a national award at the 2019 National Alcohol and Other Drugs Excellence and Innovation Awards.

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