Community gardens a valuable resource

Article image - Community gardens a valuable resource Community gardening brings communities together.

West Tamar Council, Tasmania, has released additional plots within the Windsor Community Garden and membership is open to residents of West Tamar.

Established in 2014, the Windsor Community Garden hosts a committed group of friendly gardeners who are always looking to welcome new members.

The garden is made up of a collection of ‘personal’ and ‘communal’ garden beds, boasting a variety of crops and plants.

On the last Saturday of each month, members meet for an informal catch up and working bee, making it a great opportunity to socialise, share and learn from other gardeners.

The garden is an important community resource contributing to social inclusion, health and wellbeing.

The area is constantly changing and developing, with a new range of planter boxes currently being installed to encourage the growth of vines and creepers.

Membership is available through West Tamar Council’s Community Development Officer.