Beginning the conversation*

With the recent amplification in the media of issues around the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, and the continued impacts of changing water availability, it is more important than ever that the voices of local government continue to be heard.

Changing water availability comes in many forms. Drought. The Basin Plan. Climate variation. Market trends. Population and productivity demands. And with great change comes great challenges and opportunities.

The solution to meet these challenges and harness the opportunities rests not only with government but also with communities working together to build resilience. Through education and collaboration, our communities can adapt and not only survive, but thrive.

The Murray Darling Association (MDA), Australia’s peak body for local governments in the Basin, is investing heavily in the development and delivery of leadership programs across Basin communities, providing tools and pathways for communities to lead from within. The leadership program begins in November, and expressions of interest are encouraged.

The MDA’s Connecting Catchments and Communities (CCC) workshops across the Basin also enhance water literacy and exchange information between councils, communities and agencies across the Basin.

Following a recent CCC event in Euston, Chief Executive Officer, Emma Bradbury, said, “This was one of the most technically wide ranging, thought provoking, possibly even confronting events we have facilitated.”

National President, Councillor David Thurley, added, “This must be the beginning of a conversation in which we are able to bring together our leaders in water management and in industry, to address the twin challenges of sustainable growth and regenerating a healthy working Basin”.

This year’s MDA National Conference will hear updates from industry leaders exploring issues around intensifying agriculture productivity sustainably, and the opportunities for local government, with updates from those responsible for Australia’s ever-dynamic Murray Darling Basin Plan.

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*Copy supplied by Murray Darling Association