Arts reinvigorated

Article image - Arts reinvigorated Supporting local artists at the inaugural Bank Art Museum Moree (BAMM) Art Fair.

The town of Moree in North Western New South Wales, has always been known for its strong arts scene, and in July there was an extra creative buzz in the air, with the inaugural Bank Art Museum Moree (BAMM) Art Fair.

This new event called on artists from the region to submit work and participate in this celebration of regional art.

The Art Fair included local Micro-Exhibitions, a themed group exhibition, an Arts and Craft Market plus a month of art classes, workshops and events to inspire local creativity.

BAMM Director, Vivien Clyne, said, “The inaugural Art Fair has been a great opportunity to showcase new and emerging artists in the area.

“We plan to hold this event annually to encourage, support and promote the work of local artists and provide them with the unique experience of submitting works and curating an exhibition under the professional direction of BAMM staff.”

The Moree Plains community enthusiastically embraced the Art Fair with all events and workshops well attended.

“It was great to see a wide cross-section of the community engaged with the Art Fair and attending a range of events over the month of July.

“Local artists were also pleased with the success of the event with more than 35 artworks sold at the opening cocktail party event and much positive feedback received from attendees.”

Moree Plains Shire Council owns the BAMM building and funds its operations whilst the running of the gallery is governed by an independent board. The board recently rebranded the gallery to reflect the reinvigorated and modern space with many more activities planned to make the gallery the creative hub of Moree Plains.

Mayor, Katrina Humphries, said, “It’s great to see the gallery being embraced by the Moree community.

“From after school and holiday activities, group workshops and exhibitions, there are events to get everyone’s creative juices flowing.

“Council will continue its support of the arts through the gallery and look forward to seeing the innovative events planned for the future.”