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The new Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws will mean that incident investigators will focus on all measures that could have reasonably been taken to avoid a trailer separation.

The scope will cover the entire supply chain; suppliers, fitters, engineering signatories, fleet managers and end users.

A runaway trailer of any type or size has the potential to cause death, severe injuries or catastrophic property damage.

The simplest option available for local government fleet operators to ensure a controlled stop during trailer separation is to specify and fit a compliant safety chain system (ADR62/02).

Bartlett Equipment Managing Director, Allan Bartlett said, “City and Shire councils need to operate on the principle that no trailer coupling is infallible, no matter how good their operating and maintenance regimes.

“Hidden mechanical defects, bad installation, operational or maintenance errors all have the potential to cause failure.

“A properly tested and rated safety chain system designed to act as the emergency backup to a trailer separation is a critical part of any truck and trailer combination.”

The patented Bartlett Bare Knuckle (BK) Safety Chain System range has been specifically designed to meet the growing needs of the heavy vehicle industry.

It is the newest safety innovation in the Bartlett range and replaces the popular SC series that Bartlett has manufactured and sold over the past two decades.

Like the SC series, the ADR62/02 compliant BK Safety Chain System is designed to meet a vast range of truck and trailer combinations.

Australia has a unique operating environment and leads the world with innovative, high productivity heavy vehicle truck and trailer combinations.

The Bartlett BK Safety Chain System design aims to keep pace, focusing on meeting the highest safety standards through superior strength and, at the same time, minimal component mass and footprint.

A further benefit is that the range of BK Safety Chain System attachments can be readily fitted / retrofitted to vehicles by a suitably qualified welder.

“Bartlett has been looking after local government needs for many decades, delivering fully accredited, reputable and personalised service.

“Our BK Safety Chain System is part of a larger range of integrated towing solutions that are supplied with detailed product information and service support.

“It is also worth mentioning that we work with a vast number of truck dealers and body builders all across Australia to ensure the end user’s towing needs are professionally met as part of the overall vehicle purchase and modification.

“So no matter where your council is located, we’re sure we can help.”
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