Close the loop on waterwaste*

RegenAqua™ is a wastewater treatment system at the cutting edge of innovation in municipal tertiary wastewater treatment.

The bioremediation system uses natural, locally sourced macroalgal strains as the foundation for the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater streams.

Rather than conventional capital and energy intensive approaches, the system takes advantage of photosynthesis via biological processes to complete the treatment cycle.

The system can be tailored to meet any periodic load reductions or ongoing wastewater discharge concentration targets.

The sizing of the facility is customised to individual treatment load requirements, with a 10 tonne nitrogen treatment target requiring approximately 4 hectares of land to fulfil the remediation performance level.

Operational efficiencies of the RegenAqua™ system are significantly less than conventional wastewater treatment, with energy needs in the order of one magnitude less than other existing systems.
With such low energy requirements, the RegenAqua™ solution also provides an ongoing carbon sequestration solution for those pursuing a reduction in their carbon footprint.

The RegenAqua™ system is bolted onto existing infrastructure, combining a complementary solution that can expand in a modular format as client needs alter.

In addition, Pacific Bio (RegenAqua’s parent company) takes an innovative approach with the macroalgae generated from treatment facilities.

The biomass is harvested and then processed into products that support plant and animal markets, enabling the return of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous to the land, in a truly closed loop system.  
For organisations looking to transition and expand their ageing infrastructure to a low cost, sustainable option, RegenAqua™ is an attractive, flexible solution providing long term service contracts on a build-own-operate basis with no upfront capital costs.

Pairing the delivery of innovative, Australian generated technology with client friendly commercial solutions is a winner for municipalities across the country.

Should RegenAqua™’s solution be of interest please contact Dan Mulder at dan.mulder[@] or on 0432 395 320 for a no-obligation assessment on your operation.

*Copy supplied by Pacific Bio