Built to last

Article image - Built to last The road crew – Ted Bell, Roller Driver, has been with the Shire for 9 years, Willy Sturges, the final trim grader operator 33 years, Colin Wyatt, Water Truck Operator, 11 years, and Jim Deaker and Lyndsay Williams both 5 years’ operating side tipping road trains.

Early this year, the road crew from the Shire of Dandaragan, demonstrated why it is one of Council’s most highly valued assets.

Located in Western Australia’s Mid-West Wheatbelt region, Dandaragan Road is a main thoroughfare linking the two regional towns of Moora and Dandaragan.

With extensive pavement failure and poor drainage, 1.7km of full bitumen reconstruction was required.

With additional funding from the West Australian Government Regional Road Group this project was completed in four stages.
Stage 1 saw existing drain lines excavated and sixteen culverts upgraded and extended to allow better water flow, and pavement widening.  

During Stage 2 a machine stabiliser and Shire water truck were used to stabilise the base course which consisted of three percent lime and the existing gravel combined.

Lime was used as the stabilising base to improve flexibility and water retardation. This anticipates a longer road life compared to conventional methods such as cement.  

Following the stabilisation process a grader and roller were used to construct the road with an additional truck applying water throughout the entire process.

In Stage 3 and 4, gravel was sourced from a nearby landholder to raise the pavement height through the use of the Shire’s side-tipping road trains.  

A minimum three percent fall was achieved either side of the centre line providing a stronger pavement, improved drainage, and less chance of water pooling onto the road during the wetter months of the year.

Contractors lay bitumen of 10mm stone primerseal, with a 14mm stone top to be applied later this year along with line marking and sign post installation.

The success of this project comes from the Shire’s road crew team who have worked together over the past five years building a wealth of knowledge.  

The expertise of this experienced team played an important role in completing this project.

Longevity of staff retention in the Shire’s roadwork crew also plays a significant part in the delivery of projects across the Shire’s 1,600km of sealed and unsealed roads.  

Through their time together this group of quiet achievers share a solid workplace camaraderie which benefits the Shire and provides confidence for local communities.