Dust flies on water security project

Article image - Dust flies on water security project Works Manager, Michael Inglis, and Mayor, Dean Johnson, inspect progress on the $750,000 Roora Stormwater Catchment Project.

A District Council of Kimba, South Australia, project that will capture the equivalent of five Olympic swimming pools’ worth of water is on schedule following a $750,000 funding windfall from the Commonwealth Government.

Earthworks have commenced on the Roora Stormwater Catchment Project, which have to date shifted a staggering 40,000 tonnes of material from the four-hectare site adjacent to Roora Dam, and Mayor Dean Johnson said its completion would signal a dramatic change in how Council managed its long-term water security.

“It is estimated that this project will allow Council to collect an additional 12.5 megalitres of stormwater during an average rainfall season, which is just sensational in a region where every drop counts.

“To put it into context, that’s five Olympic swimming pools of water Council can use each year to keep parks, gardens and community recreation facilities looking their best, and that adds to the liveability of our town.”

Works Manager, Michael Inglis, added that the infrastructure would also provide Council with significant cost savings.

“If we can collect the volume of water we are anticipating, it means Council will save about $50,000 a year on its current water purchases.

“That equates to about 3 percent of our annual rates income, so it means revenue to invest in other services and infrastructure for the Kimba community.”

The project is scheduled to be completed by 30 June 2019, with funding provided through the Drought Communities Programme Extension.