A focus on the environment is key to sustainable visitor economy*

Article image - A focus on the environment is key to sustainable visitor economy*

FunSearch.com.au is a new photo and video search engine system designed by a group of experienced Melbourne social entrepreneurs. 

While the company is a commercial business focused on helping to grow the Australian domestic tourism, leisure and recreation market, they are also an ‘impact business’ with goals above and beyond the financial. And they are very much focused on the environment. 

Chief Executive Officer of FunSearch, Chris Gillard, said the Australian natural environment and its health is always at the forefront of his mind when considering the prospects of Australia’s tourism, travel and outdoor adventure sector. 

“We live in a world where a climate emergency has been declared in various countries including the United Kingdom. There is no time for indecision. 

“What this means for all sectors with businesses exposed to the environment and where the environment itself, the natural world, is the major drawcard, is that a sharp focus on preserving biodiversity and fragile environmental elements is key to longevity and sustainability. Without it we haven’t got much have we?”

FunSearch is a company with a significant environmental partner, the not-for-profit environmental group, Odonata.org.au. 

The relationship is deep and the two have collaborated to organise their first event with a combined social and environmental theme. 

Aimed at young people and their carers, it’s called One Day Fun Day.

One Day Fun Day is a day of free fun on 14th September for 10,000 kids (and their carers) from around Australia who may be sick, at risk, marginalised or living with disadvantage. 

The day has clear social, health and wellbeing objectives but equally important is the goal of helping to get kids and carers outside and into nature. 

Gillard said there is ample evidence that nature is literally a medicinal therapy. 

“We know there are real, proven benefits to mental and physical health, that even a single day in nature can have for a person, especially one who does not get to experience such things very often. 

“Through One Day Fun Day, those kids and carers who are able to, will be outside enjoying the natural world and shedding their cares momentarily. 

“Afterwards they’ll continue to feel the benefits and we’ll follow up with educational information about biodiversity, our incredible environment and its importance to all of us.” 

FunSearch and Odonata are now designing other national events focused fully on environmental themes. 

Any councils interested in finding out more about FunSearch and Odonata or who would like to collaborate on environmentally themed events or activities, should contact maria[@]funsearch.com.au or direct message @FunSearchAu on Instagram or Facebook.

*Copy supplied by FunSearch