Waste facility upgrades

Article image - Waste facility upgrades Cr McMullen reviews plans for the new waste facility

Maranoa Regional Council has been successful in securing $159,344 to fund upgrades to Mitchell’s and Roma’s waste facilities under the Queensland Government’s 2018-19 Local Government Levy Ready Grant Program.

For the Mitchell Waste Facility, $111,743 has been obtained to go towards the installation of security infrastructure and cameras, site fencing and lockable gates (project totalling $139,679).

For the Roma Waste Facility, $47,601 will go towards the upgrade of software for the weighbridge data system, the installation of security cameras and infrastructure, as well as the installation of a boom gate (project totalling $63,135).

Portfolio Chair for Waste, Councillor Geoff McMullen, said this funding is key to the improvement of both of these facilities.

“The installation of the new security infrastructure will assist with new regulatory requirements, such as payments of the new waste levy (commences on 1 July 2019) and monthly reporting to the Department of Environment and Science.

“Additionally, the implementation of cameras and data collection systems will allow for better identification of the different
waste streams.”

The 2018–19 Local Government Levy Ready Grant Program provides $5 million in funding to assist local councils with their waste disposal facility infrastructure upgrades.

The Roma upgrade weighbridge and data system and the Mitchell Waste Levy Ready projects are a joint initiative of the Maranoa Regional Council and the Queensland Government.