Traineeships for local youth

The City of Whyalla, South Australia, is able to provide a great job training opportunity for three people with two positions in horticulture and one in civil construction currently available.

The traineeship employment is being managed by Career Employment Group (CEG) and will involve fulltime work with council crews to earn a Certificate III in Horticulture and Civil Construction respectively.

Chief Executive Officer, Chris Cowley, said filling these sorts of positions was one of the more rewarding aspects of the recruitment and employment process.

“While Council is an equal opportunity organisation, these positions really are perfect for young people in their local environment.

“Where possible, as a Council, we aim to provide employment for people living in the region and these positions lend themselves to young people who have grown up here and would like to pursue a career locally.

“It is a chance for three young people to not only score a job but get some excellent on the job training and come out at the other end with some meaningful qualifications.”

The horticulture traineeships will see the successful applicants assist with landscape construction work, gardening, basic machinery operation and horticulture processes to name a few tasks.

The Civil Construction traineeship will involve operating small plant, carrying out manual excavations, support plant operations and planning processes among other tasks.