The lake lights up

Article image - The lake lights up Lighting up Lake Caroline will improve safety and encourage residents to use the space.

Melton City Council, Victoria, celebrated the lighting up of Lake Caroline with a gala opening including a Heart Foundation walk and a wonderful Food and Makers Night Market organised by the Rotary Club of Caroline Springs.

After identifying a need to improve community safety and better use of the space around Lake Caroline, Council installed 72 light poles along the 1.9km pedestrian pathway.

The $750,000 project, which was partially funded with $355,000 from the Victorian Government’s Community Crime Prevention Program, was completed in January 2019 providing better access and visibility for people wishing to use the area after dark.

For residents living nearby, the lighting will dim to 50 percent after midnight and switch back to full strength at 5.30am, with minimal light spill onto surrounding streets or into the lake itself.

Mayor, Bob Turner, said the Light-Up Lake Caroline project would improve the use of public space around the lake and encourage community health and wellbeing.

“Melton City Council is delighted to officially launch the lighting up of Lake Caroline.

“I’m looking forward to seeing lots of local people and families of all ages enjoying the evening surrounds of Lake Caroline, now and into the future.”