Limber up for chasey in the park

Article image - Limber up for chasey in the park Environment and Community Services Committee chair Cr Geoff McDonald (left) tests the activity course.

Toowoomba Regional Council, Queensland, is urging youngsters to limber up to test their skills at the second Australian venue to host a modern take on chasey.

World Chase Tag™, a fresh version of the classic chasey game, has been added to the long list of activities provided by Council’s award-winning CHANGE Project.

Parks and Recreation Services Councillor, Joe Ramia, said, “Toowoomba is fortunate to be one of two Australian venues to offer an updated version of the classic game.

“Participants will duck and weave around inflatable obstacles as they chase their opponent.

“Apart from being a fun outing, it is designed to offer a healthy outdoor activity for children to join. Each session will cost $5 per contestant.

“The CHANGE Project is pleased to add another low-cost activity to its schedule.

“Health reports indicate more young people need to switch off their devices and get moving to enjoy the benefits of physical activity.”

The popularity of Council’s CHANGE Project continues to grow.

“Around 6000 people attended activities when the program started in 2012 and almost 60,000 people attended events and activities in the past year.

“There are 45 providers across the Toowoomba Region with a schedule of 86 regular activities.

The sessions cover group fitness (including sessions for seniors or mums and bubs), wellbeing activities (yoga and meditation), kids’ activities, running and walking groups, cycling sessions, outdoor gyms plus a range of food and healthy eating programs.