Hub of sustainability knowhow

Article image - Hub of sustainability knowhow Sustainability Officer, Mick Brady, accepted the Local Government NSW Communication, Education and Empowerment Award.

Muswellbrook Shire Council, New South Wales (NSW), has identified communication, education and empowerment as the key elements for the future of sustainability in the Shire.

The award winning Sustainable Futures Program includes a range of activities which empower the community to make sustainable choices and improve outcomes by reducing food waste, improving water efficiency, growing local food and increasing rates of upcycling and renewable energy uptake.

The program targets a variety of audiences using a variety of methods, from regular visits to education facilities to running regular community events, developing long lasting partnerships between all groups.

Objectives of Council’s Sustainable Futures Program are: to increase community knowledge about sustainability; demonstrate sustainability initiatives; educate local children and adults about sustainability and empower the community to become involved in sustainability initiatives.

Council’s Sustainability Hub is the central focus of activities, where the community has embraced a sense of ownership and collaboration.

An accessible focal point, the Hub has played host to numerous events including workshops, nursery and educational activities.

The general purpose of the Hub is to provide a dedicated space for Council to showcase and encourage sustainable practice.

It is also a location to demonstrate other enterprises such as solar energy, water efficiency and waste management.

In just over 12 months more than 1,800 community members have enjoyed over 80 interactive events, most occurring at The Sustainability Hub.