Exploring new waste management options

Article image - Exploring new waste management options A joint waste disposal service would provide opportunities for five southeast Queensland councils. Photo courtesy Logan City Council.

Five South-East Queensland (SEQ) councils have developed a joint proposal seeking expressions of interest (EOIs) for the provision of future waste disposal and resource recovery services.

The Cities of Logan, Ipswich and Redland, as well as Lockyer Valley and Somerset Regional Councils, have applied to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for authorisation for the proposed joint procurement.

Proposals would be for a regional solution, or for solutions to suit one or more council areas. The proposals could range from small scale through to large scale integrated regional solutions and can be focused on one or more of available waste streams offered by the councils.

City of Ipswich Interim Administrator, Greg Chemello, said neighbouring councils were looking to lead a procurement process which would aim to bring market leaders in waste disposal and resource recovery solutions to the region.

“It is advantageous for Council and the Ipswich community to invite EOIs through a coordinated sub-regional partnership approach.

“This approach will attract significantly more local, national and potentially international interest from the waste and recycling industry, in providing councils with long-term sustainable solutions to meet waste disposal and resource recovery requirements.”

Ipswich Works, Parks and Recreation Department Chief Operating Officer, Bryce Hines, said, “We’re looking forward to receiving a wide variety of proposals ranging from a variety of small scale solutions that treat one material stream through to more holistic integrated approaches that can deal with the spectrum of our region’s waste materials.”

Somerset Regional Council Mayor, Graeme Lehmann, said, “By exploring a combined regional waste management solution, Council and its partners may be in a position to consider new waste and recycling solutions in addition to inviting the traditional solutions.

“For the waste management industry, this is an opportunity to respond with innovative proposals for technologies and infrastructure that will boost resource recovery and support progress towards a circular economy.”

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said she supported a regional approach to meet the challenges of the changing waste sector and to move to a more sustainable circular economy.

“My role as Deputy Chair of the Council of Mayors (SEQ) Waste Working Group has highlighted to me the potential benefits of such collaboration for Redlands Coast, especially since the 2011 closure of our last local disposal site at Birkdale.”