Compostable bags for best practice organic waste management*

Article image - Compostable bags for best practice organic waste management* Switching to Cardia compostable dog waste bags is not a difficult choice.

The Cardia Bioproducts waste bag range was established in response to the strong global demand for sustainable packaging products by companies, retailers, councils and consumers.

Diverting organic waste from landfill using compostable waste management bags is an important opportunity for councils in the search for sustainable options.

The City of Nedlands, Western Australia, aims to achieve a waste reduction of 65 percent by 2020. Council plans to achieve this through implementing effective environmental management practices, including diverting the maximum percentage of waste from landfill.

Providing readily available ways for residents to support sustainable practices is an important opportunity recognised by Waste Minimisation Officer, Chaminda Mendis. A logical solution was compostable dog waste bags.

“Introducing Cardia compostable dog waste bags was not a difficult decision.

“We dispense 400,000 bags a year from 80 dispensers across the city, and changing from plastic bags to Cardia compostable dog waste bags provided the best option to our ratepayers for diverting the waste from landfill.

“We worked with Cardia to design the bags specifically to meet the needs of our residents.

“User feedback asked for a larger sized bag with handles and gussets. The company was able to comply with all our modifications.

“When researching the new system, it was important to Council that the product achieved the Australian Standard for compostability AS4736 and this is one of the few that does.

“Now other councils are looking at what we are doing here at Nedlands as a guide to adopting similar practices.”

Cardia’s ability to customize their product is a strong selling point with many customers. Products are continually reviewed and adjusted based on consumer feedback, to ensure they meet consumer requirements. After receiving feedback from The City of Nedlands and other councils, dog waste bags with handles on a roll were introduced as part of their standard range.

Food and garden organics (FOGO) is gathering momentum, providing another option for keeping waste out of landfill and meeting waste reduction targets.

The introduction of FOGO by Penrith City Council, New South Wales, has seen amazing results.

In 2018, City of Penrith composted over 29,267 tonnes of food scraps, garden clippings and organic material.

The successful introduction of FOGO relies on comprehensive education and consistent community engagement programs. This encourages residents/users to increase uptake while meeting the requirements of composters, to decrease contamination.  

At Penrith, contamination rates have fallen to 4.7 percent.
INSIST on CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE packaging and bags only.
Having certified compostable bin liners with a large visible seedling logo identifying conformance to AS4736 is a requirement for composters nationally to accept bags.

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*Copy supplied by Rivka Garson of Cardia Bioplastics