Bulk water filling stations save time

Article image - Bulk water filling stations save time A typical 10,000 litre truck can now be filled in under 30 minutes

Goldenfields Water County Council (GWCC), New South Wales, has announced the Temora bulk water filling station ready for use and two more are under construction.

GWCC’s new water filling stations significantly reduce the time required to fill trucks with a typical 10,000 litre truck filling in under 30 minutes.

General Manager for Goldenfields Water, Aaron Drenovski, said, “The addition of the three new bulk water filling stations will allow our customers, especially our local farmers who are battling some of the toughest drought conditions quicker and faster access to water supply.”

With the Temora filling station active, customers will have three months to make the transition to the new filling station system prior to the existing standpipes in Temora, Barmedman and West Wyalong being decommissioned and removed.  In areas where the bulk water filling stations are not available GWCC has a list of the 24 standpipe locations and operator contact details available on their website.
In addition to the three new bulk water filling stations, Goldenfields Water also announced in late 2018 that they will be offering 25 percent discount on the stand pipe usage rates to those undergoing hardship.  This discount will be available until June 30 2019.